Grandstream 5V Power Supply

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MSRP $9.95

5V Grandstream Power Supply5v American power supply.

Grandstream 5V Power Supply Summary

The Grandstream 5 volt power supply is used to provide electrical power for certain Grandstream devices.

If you have lost or damaged your power supply this is the replacement part for the compatible devices below.

The Grandstream 5 volt power supply has a six foot cord with a two prong plug that fits into North American electrical outlets.

Known Compatible Devices (other devices may be compatible)

  • Grandstream GXP-2020
  • Grandstream GXP-2010
  • Grandstream GXP-2000
  • Grandstream BudgeTone-200
  • Grandstream BudgeTone-102
  • Grandstream BudgeTone-101
  • Grandstream HandyTone-496
  • Grandstream HandyTone-488
  • Grandstream HandyTone-486
  • Grandstream HandyTone-386
  • Grandstream HandyTone-286