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Security Notice – Arris Cable Modem Back Door

As your network security partner, we are compelled to notify you of any major industry developments. The Arris Cable Modems have a serious vulnerability for remote attacks. A previously undisclosed backdoor on ARRIS cable modems, affecting many of their devices including: TG862A, TG862G, DG860A. As of this writing, Shodan searches indicate that the backdoor affects over 600,000 externally accessible hosts and the vendor did not state whether it’s going to fix it yet. Shodan makes it too easy to detect and identify devices susceptible to a vulnerability without even scanning for it. The results are instant and almost undetectable for an incoming attack.   I know these modem’s are used by Time Warner Cable especially.

Any Arris cable modem in transparent bridge mode connected to a firewall device should not be affected by this security risk, because the modem configuration interfaces are disabled and not world accessible. There currently is no firmware patch from the manufacturer to fix this issue.

For more information please see the following articles:

If you need any further details or information please let us know. Please feel free to forward this notice to any industry professional. Our goal is if we can mitigate these type of issues before they occur, we can help prevent a massive disruption event.

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Incase you didn’t know, Clear Voice One sells a full line of security camera’s and even provides installation in some area’s.  Check out this article for a great reason why you would want security camera’s in your home or business.


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Clear Voice One announces the return of Time and Weather

By Chris Sweeney
October 23, 2013

Troy, OH – Locally owned Clear Voice One announced today the return of Time and Weather.  The service that many of you grew up with calling to get the most accurate time and temperature is now available once again. This is a free service available by calling the previous number of 937-335-0085.

The system is substantially more advanced then the old system, it will give the current time, temperature, current conditions, forecast, and even wind chill.  The system updates about every ten minutes to give the most accurate information available.  The voice is actual human voice and not computer generated.

Even in the age of modern cellphones and computers where information is just a click away, Clear Voice One believes this is a service the local community has greatly missed.  There are times you just can’t get on the Internet and often times that information comes from a sensor 20+ miles away from you and not always accurate to the local area.

About Clear Voice One

Clear Voice One started operations in 2013 providing low cost VOIP phone service to business and residences alike.  We work with our customers to create long lasting relationships by providing the best communications solutions to support their needs.  We realize that a one-size model does not work for everyone and tailor our solutions to meet each customers needs.

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